360 FARMS is a family owned and operated enterprise. We're proud to say that four generations of our family have worked this land. The name, 360 FARMS, denotes our life coming full circle after many years and many detours. We’re part of that growing community who understand that well grown food tastes better, good nutrition offers great health benefits, and well crafted objects become heirlooms. We work hard to provide the very best in agricultural products from our farm. 360 Farms offers only the best in elderberry plants, along with products from both the berries and flowers of our 8000 plant elderberry orchard. Our goal is to provide a product that’s been grown right.

We're located in the southeast corner of Muskogee County, Oklahoma (half way between Tulsa and Fort Smith). As of now, GPS doesn't recognize our physical address, so see our Contact Us page for additional help with directions.

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